Screen Colour Systems

Plastisol Whites

Easy White

( EC 1016 )

As the name suggests this white is the easiest to use. It comes press-ready, no need to reduce the consistency as it will print through any mesh count up to 140. It can be used as flash or a high light white. The lower viscosity increases the printability but it may be less opaque. Suitable for 100% cotton.

Premium White

( EC 1018 )

This white is our most economical white. The Premium White is more opaque when compared to our Easy White. This is achieved by the addition of more opaque white pigment. With this extra pigment the viscosity of our Premium White is high. This white is Ideal as a single colour onto black shirts. This white will print through 25 to 62 mesh counts. Suitable for 100% cotton.

Quick Flash White

(EC 1019)

This is our best flash white. It will flash in seconds, unlike other flash whites, this allows you to increase the speed of printing multi-colour designs. It is opaque and easy to print with. It has a medium viscosity and will print through mesh counts 32 to 100. Suitable for 100% cotton.

Prestige White

( EC 8150 )

Prestige White is a last down White which has extra components in its formulation to give excellent sublimation dye blocking properties. The white is very opaque so looks really good on difficult grounds. To aid its blocking properties it is important not to exceed the recommended curing temperature of 180º centigrade. The dye migration will start when this temperature is exceeded during the final cure. The lower the temperature the less chance of the garment dye bleeding. (Dye migration can take unto four week before you know there is a problem) The ink can be printed through mesh counts 32 to 100. Prestige White is suitable for all cotton / polyester variations.

Cool Flash White

(EC 5151)

The two advantages of this particular ink, as the name suggests, is that it can be flashed at a lower temperature than normal flash under bases, making fabric shrinkage less likely. Secondly it will cure below our normal recommend curing temperature. The curing schedule for this plastisol is 120º - 130º centigrade for 2 minutes. (Normal wash test should be made before starting a full print run.) The lower curing temperature has the advantage of reducing the likelihood of dye sublimation through the printed ink. Cool Flash has good opacity and is easy to print. This ink can make a difficult job easy. The ink can be printed through mesh counts 32 to 90. Used on its own with a reduced curing schedule, Cool Flash White is perfect for 100% polyester or poly/cotton mixes. However, used in conjunction with standard colours with their curing schedule it is only recommended for 100% cotton.

Flash Grey

( EC 5152 )

Flash Grey is a specially formulated high opacity flash under base used on dark and coloured fabrics. The Flash Grey also has dye blockers to hinder dye migration. This under base is suited mainly for automatic carousels as a high light white may also be required. The Flash Grey will block out troublesome coloured textiles better than any other flash white. Flash Grey is suitable for all cotton / polyester variations.

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