Plastisol Standard Colour Range

Standard Colours

Plastisol is our range of Super-Opaque plastisol screen printing inks for the decoration of textiles. The Plastisol range can be printed onto light and dark coloured fabrics. The inks remain open in the screen and can be printed wet on wet. The inks are suitable for hand and automatic carousels. All plastisol inks require heat to dry and achieve wash resistants. Our recommended curing schedule for most of our textile inks is 160ยบ centigrade for 2 minutes. This is only a guide as under some conditions you may need to alter the dwell but not the temperature. We recommend a wash test is carried out before commencing a print run.

Four Colour Process

Four Colour Process inks are for printing photographic type images, that have been separated in to 4 colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black (otherwise known as CMYK).Our process set will give a great result on white shirts. If you want to print process colours on a black shirt they will need a white under base, produced by making a composite of the other four colours positives.

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