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Aluminium Screen Frames

Aluminium Screen Frames

We stock 6 aluminium frame sizes based on our customers requirements, See list below for the frames dimensions and recommended coating trough and squeegees. We can also make Custom frames to your specification. Please phone first if collecting as they go in and out of stock very quickly. The more specialised meshes are stretched to order and can be ready with in a few days. All our Aluminium frames can be recovered with mesh so reducing printing costs . The price of aluminium has increased a lot in recent months and we have tried to absorb these increases. The prices may change so please email or phone for an updated price. We sometimes have second hand frames please phone for stock and prices.

Frame Re meshing Service

The re meshing service we offer is an economical way of re using your old frames when the mesh is torn or has become unusable. We can reapply new mesh to the frame giving you a great new print area. The price list for re meshing our stock frame sizes in common mesh counts is just a click above.. Please phone or email for custom frame sizes or other meshes.

Frame Clamps

Our frame clamps can be attached to a base board or vacuum base by screws or bolts. The clamps are suitable for all our standard frames. The clamps make changing and reregistering a frame easier. Without damaging the frame.

Frame And Mesh Specifications

Check the charts below to select a frame size suitable for your print requirements. When ordering just quote series number and the mesh count you require. Please note we can also make custom size frames. Below this chart is another which may help you select your mesh count. People often ask what is the difference between white and yellow mesh. The yellow mesh absorbs UV light the white mesh can reflect the UV light. You will get a sharper stencil when using yellow mesh counts above 62. The finer mesh counts can benefit from a yellow mesh when using direct emulsions. Once your mesh count is below 77 the amount of open area of the mesh will eliminate the advantages of yellow mesh.

Mesh Characteristic

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