Colourant's are concentrated pigment dispersions for colouring water based products. The pigments in the dispersions are ground to an extremely fine powder and then dispersed into water. They will easily pass through the finest of meshes without clogging. Add these dispersions to our screen binders described above to achieve the colours and effects you require. The Colourant's can be added singly or in multiples, creating an infinite number of colours, shades and effects. These colourants can be used for colour matching you can email your pantone reference and if we have matched it before we will give you our formula.

Water Based Colourant Colour Chart
Water Based Colourant Colour Chart

Transfer Foil

Foils are bright coloured metallic sheets used to decorate fabric when used in conjunction with a foil adhesive. The Foil Adhesive can be either a water based or plastisol screen printable glue that accepts metallic foils when heat pressed together. The design is screen printed onto the fabric and then semi-cured i.e. touch dried. The fabric is then placed in a transfer press and the foil positioned over the printed area and heat pressed together. After cooling the foil backing is peeled off leaving the printed design covered in foil

Water Based Colourant Colour Chart
Transfer Foil Colour Chart

Other Colourants

Metallic Pigments

These powders when mixed with the Metallic Binder will produce metallic effects on textiles. These powders are specially coated to give a brighter effect when used in aqueous products like the metallic binder. These powders are made from pure aluminium. The smoother the fabric the better the metallic effect. The resulting inks will be suitable for both natural and synthetic, white and dark coloured fabrics. N.B. you cannot use the Aqua Cure Catalyst with these Gold and Silver pigments. These metallic inks can only be cured with heat.

Fluorescent Pigments

Fluorescent (some times called Day-Glo) Pigments are finely ground dry powders. Not being dispersed in water means they can be mixed into any screen printing medium, water based or otherwise. They will easily pass through the finest of meshes without clogging. To retain the fluorescent effect these pigments should not be blended together or mixed with other colourants. Fluorescent pigments can fade quicker than normal water based pigments when exposed to strong light. For the brightest results these pigments should be dispersed into a metallic binder.

Phosphor Pigment

Phosphorescent is a “glow in the dark” pigment that appears off-white in daylight but glows bright green in the dark. Certain Fluorescent colours can be added to make different coloured effects. The length of time the after glow lasts depends on the amount of charge (Exposed To Day Light) given to the ink and its thickness of print.

Water Based Colourant Colour Chart

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