Water Based Textile Inks

Ready 2 Go

Ready 2 Go is a range of ready mixed water based screen inks for the textile printer. These inks are ready to use straight from the pot. The ready 2 Go range includes Process , Fluorescents and Phosphor colours. These can be screen printed onto both natural and synthetic, white and light coloured fabrics. The colours are transparent and so can be overprinted to produce additional shades. Only the Black and Opaque White are suitable for dark and coloured fabrics. When printing onto dark fabrics we recommend our Aquapaque range of ready mixed inks.The printed garment retains the original soft feel of the fabric when printed through finer meshes. All AquaScreen standard colours are inter-mixable. The print becomes wash-fast and resistant to dry-cleaning when heat or chemically cured. Heat is applied to the finished print, 180ºC for 2 minutes. A separate cool-cure catalyst (AS 1234 Aqua Cool Cure) is available for adding to AquaScreen inks to achieve a cool cure without heat.

Water Based Textile Ink Technical Note

All our water based textile inks require heat to achieve maximum wash resistants. Our recommended curing schedule for most of our textile inks is 180º centigrade for 2 minutes. This is only a guide as under some conditions you may need to alter the dwell but not the temperature. Aqua Screen Cool Cure Additive can be added to speed up the curing process . The Aqua Screen Cool Cure Additive can also aid wash resistance when it is not possible to attain 180º centigrade. We recommend a wash test is carried out before commencing a print run.

Standard Colour Range

AquaScreen Colour Chart

Ready 2 Go Standard Colour

Ready 2 Go Process Colours

Ready 2 Go Glow In The Dark

Ready 2 Go Fluorescent

AquaScreen Catalyst

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