Accurip Black Pearl

Accurip Black Pear.

AccuRip Black Pearl is a Raster Image Processor. This software will produce smooth accurate half tones for the production of film positives for screen printing. It will also automatically put down the maximum ink percentage, guaranteeing all positives are as opaque as possible. This will make exposure of your screens more accurate and easier to wash out. Caution, if your artwork contains solid text as well as tonal images then make sure the file imported into AccuRip has the correct file type with vector text otherwise the text will also be turned into a tonal image and the text may inherit sawtooth edges. The combination of Epson ink jet printer and Accurip Black Pearl will make film production much simpler. AccuRIP Black Pearl is incredibly easy to setup, is an efficient, simple to use, affordable, and accurate PostScript Level 3 RIP software that fits perfectly into your Adobe and Corel graphics world. Incorporating it into your pre-press department takes just minutes. As a Driver-based solution, workflow is streamlined to maximise your time! Already an AccuRIP 1.03 or earlier user? Upgrade to AccuRIP Black Pearl to receive FREE Live Agent Support and Parachute Protection Coverage. Click the button below for your 14 day free trial. AccuRip Black Pearl is engineered for both Windows & Macintosh.

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All Black Ink System

The All Black Ink System is not software but does compliment the AccuRip Black Pearl by replacing the colour inks from Epson printers with top-quality, formulated BLACK DYE delivered from black cartridges in every slot. Dedicated positive printers never use the colour cartridges that still have to replaced on a regular basis wasting hundreds of £s in the process. Not only does the All Black System do away with such wastage but it guarantees a solid black positive. N.B. the All Black system cannot be used successfully without the correct software i.e. AccuRip.

Printer Using All Black Ink
All Black Ink

Separation Studio

Separation Studio Spot Process is an automated colour separation tool with automatic one-click colour adjustment options and on-press colour set and predictable colour print order. Spot Process Separation Studio is a feature packed software making on-screen and on-press tasks simple and predictable.

Simply open an RGB TIF image created in Adobe or Corel programs or photos and stock images in Separation Studio, and it automatically displays 9 separated half-tone channels. You can merge the number of colours down. Use the Auto Adjust button, or use individual colour sliders to boost saturation. The entire process takes just a few minutes. The American Original Design shown below can be printed on white in 5 colours or 6 when an under-base is needed for a black or coloured garment. Spot Process Separation Studio will automatically create an under-base.

Tee Shirt Motocylce
Tee Shirt Print

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