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High quality polyester low elongation monofilament meshes can be purchased on the roll or by the metre. We stock all mesh counts from 10 right up to 165 threads per cm. The stock size roll is 1.6m wide by 25m. We also have limited quantities of 2 metre wide mesh rolls, please check stock for availability.

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Screen Mesh Adhesive

Liquid Bond is a clear 2 part rapid adhesive which offers high tensile strength, impact and solvent resistance. Once mixed, the pot life is three to five days depending on storage (ideally: stored in a sealed container to extend usage). Liquid bond is available in 1 US gallon containers. The adhesive has very good adhesion to aluminium. We recommend that a new aluminium frame is lightly ground and coated with liquid bond and left over night before stretching mesh onto the frame. The adhesive is applied using the yellow scraper supplied with the adhesive. Liquid Bond is very economical to use as there very little wastage of catalysed adhesive. There is also a Liquid Bond reducer available if the adhesive becomes too thick.

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