Fine Art Screen Ink

Finesse (FP) Opaque Series

Finesse is our water based range of inks for printing fine art screen prints. The Finesse ranges were developed with the fine art screen printer in mind allowing more time for print registration. The Finesse series has two ranges with in it, the FE's range are translucent and the FP's Opaque. Both Finesse ranges have ten standard colours plus black and white. Because the Finesse FE’s are translucent we have included these colours in its range of products four colour process set, fluorescents and phosphorescent inks. All Finesse is ready to print straight from the pot, the standard colours are fully intermixable and can produce an enormous gamut of colour. The Finesse base can be used with your own colourant’s to produce even more colours. We recommend using mesh counts for Finesse FE’s 77 to 120 and when using Finesse FP’s 55 to 90. The Finesse ink when dried will produce a matt finish. The Finesse series is a slow drying ink which helps keep the mesh open when printing. We still recommend flood pulling when using this ink. When the print run is completed we suggest scraping ink from screen and washing with warm soapy water immediately. If ink left in mesh and it dries, you could try our Easy Wash to remove the dried ink.

Finesse Colour Charts





Finesse Opaque Standard Colour

Finesse Translucent Standard Colour

Finesse Fluorescent Colours

Finesse Process Colours

Finesse Phosphorescent Colour

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