Emulsion Coating Trough

We stock many sizes of coating trough. Our troughs are made from extruded Aluminium. The special moulded edge allows for the correct depth of emulsion to be applied to the mesh. You apply emulsion to the front and back of the screen. Then when emulsion is even and smooth on the mesh scape excess emulsion from the back of the screen. The emulsion depth is achieved by applying multiple or a single stroke on the squeegee side of the frame. We can supply lengths of coating trough which you can cut to size and clip on the ends.

Emulsion Coating Trough
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Cleaning Pad
Claning Pad

Cleaning Pads are the ideal applicator for all our Aquarius screen cleaning and reclaiming range of chemicals. Lightweight and easy to use with a wipe clean plastic handle. Ideally you should have one pad for each of your cleaning chemicals. This pad is not recommended for use with our industrial range of chemicals.

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Mixing Pots

We can supply empty containers for ink mixing. They are all suitable for viscosity adjustment or the addition of a catalyst. They can also be used for colour matching and formulating the inks to your own specification. The plastic buckets are available in 1 litre, 4 litre and 5 litre sizes. The plastic buckets all come with a tight fitting lid. The paper cups are packed in 100s and are 470ml (16 fl oz) but do not have lids.

Plastic Mixing Buckets
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Pallet Pal Protect Your pallets
Pallet Pal

You apply this heat resistant paper tape to your pallet boards. Then spray your adhesive, load shirts on to the pallet. Then at the end of the day peel Pallet Pal from your pallets no more cleaning adhesive from the pallets. In the morning just reapply Pallet Pal.

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